Serving the Niagara Region, St. Catharines, the Greater Toronto Area, and Buffalo

Our mission

Established in 2011, Lunfus is a family owned and operated greenhouse dedicated to supplying top quality phalaenopsis orchids to Central and Southern Ontario as well as Upstate New York.

Located in the Niagara green belt, the then outdated greenhouse facility that used to grow clematis was retrofitted so that growing delicate orchids would be possible; a project greenhouse owner Mr. Fu has taken up right after his retirement. Now with over 40 varieties, a total of more than 100,000 orchid plants bloom in this facility every year.

We understand what are the most important to our customers. Our promise of aesthetics, shelf life, and pricing competitiveness are fulfilled through our continuous effort into improving our cultivation techniques, upgrading our facilities, and finding new orchid species that are most suitable for our local market. At Lunfus, we hope to help our customers by giving them the best there is.


After a month of incubation at sea, mature orchid seedlings from Taiwan arrive at our greenhouse ready to spike, or begin growing a stem from between the leaves. 

At our climate-controlled facility, these seedlings undergo their final stage of growth, where optimal conditions for growth and flowering are possible. 


Phalaenopsis orchids that have spiked.

Phalaenopsis orchids that have spiked.